Interested in advertising on Software Marketing Secrets?

Software Marketing Secrets is naturally ranking high in the search engines on terms relevant to the Software Industry.

We are happy to offer you:

  • Your ad will be displayed site-wide (on all pages of Software Marketing Secrets)
  • It will of course be ‘do-follow’ so you can take value of the passed page rank.
  • You can include the alt-tag of your choice to pass page rank for the keywords you desire.
  • We accept no more than 4 ads at any time.
  • The first advertiser get’s the top position (this is currently a new program and we have no advertisers so please act fast to get the top position)
  • The price is US$ 27.00 per month and you can cancel at any time (the ad will run for the time you have paid)


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Please email us.

How to proceed

Step 1) Please proceed with payment using the order button below. This is a recurring payment processed by Paypal. You can stop it at any time. Your ad will then run to the end of the paid period. The price is US$ 27.00 per month.

Chose if you prefer a text-link ad or an image ad and choose which website (for example: onlinesecurity-guide) you want to run the ad. Then click the order button.

Choose type of ad:
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Step 2) If you want an image ad, send us your image for insertion. Include the image in a normal image format (no gifs), dimension 160×120. Include your desired alt-tag. Click here to email the details with image attached

Please allow up to two business days for insertion of your ad.