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Naming Your Software

Hi! Autumn is here, kids are in school and the house is suddenly very empty and silent. Perhaps time to get some work done 😉 So how do you choose an excellent name for your software? I found an outstanding and free report on how...

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A couple of great resources

If I would read everything I wanted to there would be no time to work (maybe not such a bad idea). But the last few days I came across a couple of resources in different areas that’s definitely worth a few minutes of...

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Software Marketing Directory

Just started uploading the Software Marketing Directory with resources for every Software Marketer. If time allows I will upload many more resources over the next few days. If you have any suggestions of resources that should be...

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Promotion Plans 2007?

December is a busy season for many of us, but if you have a chance you should really spend some time planning your promotional calendar for 2007. Based on an Excel template I have created a Promotional Calendar for 2007 where...

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