If I would read everything I wanted to there would be no time to work (maybe not such a bad idea). But the last few days I came across a couple of resources in different areas that’s definitely worth a few minutes of surfing time.

If you are following the development of Internet Video (all software marketers should…) two resources that is well worth visiting is Ken McCarthy’s SystemVideoBlog and Joe Chapuis The HotBizz Report, a video blog or vlog (what will they come up with next?)

If you are into copywriting you need to visit Michel Fortin’s blog “On Copywriting, Marketing and Life”. Excellent site with a lot of content if you are blogging.

Bob Bly is another copywriter that has done a lot of work for software and technology companies and his bly.com blog is definitely worth a visit.

A hidden gem for online marketing is MindValleyLabs blog. These guys really know their online marketing and it is well worth a visit.

Slowly but surely we are also adding resources to our own Software Marketing Directory. If you have a website that you feel belong in the directory, please email me information. Include a short description of your website and what you want the link to say.

See you soon 😉

Peter Gillberg
Software Marketing Secrets