Dr. Smith

Are you interested in moving your suspects to prospects?

SoftwareCasa Online Software Reseller is partnering with an Online Video Ad Production Company.

Online Video Ad Production Company ImaginACTION, headed by Dr. David Smith. with 30 years experience in broadcast television, writing and multimedia are the perfect partner when you want to create online video ads.

Dr. Smith is a Director/Cameraman/Writer specializing in Commercials, Broadcast Television Documentaries, Radio Broadcasts, Books and Articles on Science, Social issues and the environment.

David published more than 35 research papers and worked in Australia, Canada, Sweden and on the Amazon River in Brazil.

He recently worked as Associate Producer and Animation Supervisor on the new large-format (IMAX) documentary “Australia: land beyond time.”

And we will shortly open the possibility for you to acquire their services.

ImaginACTION just finalized production of a new Video Ad for one of SoftwareCasa’s products, Snagit (Published by TechSmith).

Please take a look at our Snagit video here:

Due to loading times we have uploaded a video with lower resolution.

If you are interested in moving your software company to the next level for a reasonable budget this is a fantastic opportunity.

With a Video Ad of your software you can easily create interest for a product and move your suspects to prospects to buyers.

Recent studies have show that with Online Video Ad Production you get:

  • A higher ad interaction
    The online video ads resulted in some kind of interaction in about 8% of the cases, compare this to the normal interaction with a standard jpg or gif image which is about 0.1%
  • Longer viewing
    The online video ads played on average 2/3 of their full time (about 20 seconds for a 30 second spot).
  • The ads had a higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
    The videos had a CTR of 0.4% – 0.74%, compare to image ads 0.10% – 0.15%.

Stay tuned to hear more about this opportunity.