videomarketingI just read a great article by Julie Perry on video marketing or more precisely Youtube marketing.

Video Marketing

Are you marketing your software via video. You should. And naturally you should be on the biggest video sharing site of all – youtube.

Julie Perry has written an interesting article filled with tips on how to effectively market via Youtube. Thanks Julie, we will be designing our own channel soon 😉

I recommend you go check the article out, but here’s a quick summary of my takeaways…

1) When linking to your youtube videos, use the user portion.
2) Choose a relevant and keyword rich username for your youtube account.
3) Edit your channel
4) The channel description should be done like a mini-salesletter

An example of a professionally designed channel, see Youtube user horrorfest. You will not believe you’re still on Youtube.


And don’t forget to read Julie’s post on how to effectively market via Youtube!

Until next time 😉

Peter – Software Marketing Secrets

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