Brad Callen Vius Doctor

Brad Callen is a software creator and software marketer extraordinaire. He has just unleashed a new virus upon the world

Cough, cough. Oh, I think I just got the “Callen Virus”…

In 2004 Brad Callen launched SEO Elite, a software targeting Search Engine Optimizers. It made a huge success.

The SEO Elite website is currently ranked the 4,611th most visited website on the Internet (according to Alexa ranking). At the end of 2005 he released another title – KeywordElite. It became an instant success and has sold extremely well.

Brad Callen is now launching a new series of 3 software titles under one brand – IMWishlist or Internet Market Wish List. The titles are Directory Submitter, Article Submitter and a third, yet to be revealed title.

All software products are aimed at the online marketing community. (Yes, I have the virus too – the links above are affiliate links.)

In this series of launches, Brad is using a series of very interesting viral components to spread the software like wildfire.

Viral Software Marketing

The three software titles are all released in two separate editions. A free version with less features, and a “Gold” paid version.

The free version is of tremendous value to the internet marketing community so Brad has no problem motivating people to download the software, and to have people promoting it for him.

In fact hit almost the 1,000 most visited website in the world just a few days ago.

Viral Marketing Growth

The Viral Marketing Components

What first caught my eye is that IMWishlist viral components are so incredibly well worked out.

Viral Software Marketing

A few of the components that make the message viral are:

  • A well developed version is given out free of charge
  • When somebody that you have sent the free version buys the Gold version, you receive 75% commission
  • Everything is done for you, you get step-by-step marketing advice
  • Instant setup, when downloading the software you are also instantly and effortlessly set up as an affiliate (carrier of the Callen virus)

This is how it works: You somehow get word of one of the titles, for example Article Submitter. You go to the website, download the software for free. You are automatically signed up as an affiliate. All you need is a clickbank account (also free and easy to set up). You can now spread the word about the “excellent and free software”, giving value to for example your own list. You then get 75% commission on anyone upgrading to the paid version. And so it goes on (and on…)

The Callen Virus Comes In Many Forms

If you are a serious affiliate marketer you also get an incredible amount of already completely pre-made messages for the various ways of spreading the message. In fact, I have never seen such an extensive amount of material shared by any software publisher.

Viral Marketing ChannelsThe material includes: Affilitate links, text links, audio links, email copy, signature ads, banners, articles, pre-made blog reviews, ezine ads, top sponsor ads, Google adwords and instant buzz ads.

All the material is well thought out. Even the absolute beginners get complete step-by-step instructions.

For example 8 different professionally designed banner ads, two long articles, already prepared blog reviews, (This one is not one of those ;-)).

Lists of ezines where you could place the ad. List of marketing forums where it would be suitable to include posts and so on. Go and see the complete list of ways that the Callen Virus will display itself. Observe – you will need to enter a clickbank affiliate id to see all the information.

And all material of course automatically include your affiliate links.

As a professional software marketing Doctor I can only conclude – there is no stopping the Callen Virus…

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