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About Peter Gillberg

Peter Gillberg VP Marketing Sales SoftwareCasa

Peter Gillberg, VP Marketing & Sales SoftwareCasa ECS SL.

With a background as a Project Manager on an Advertising Agency Peter first got involved in Internet Marketing in 1997. In 1998 he built a subscriber list of 70,000 active members for a client.

He then went on to become the Marketing Director of a Web design company, sat on the Executive board of an Internet Start-up and ended up at Buyonet in 2000.

Buyonet was one of the real veterans selling software online, alongside giants like Digital River.

Buyonet built and hosted over 50 online software stores. Among them online veteran Tucows download shopping section and the online store of security company F-Secure in Finland.

Buyonet was also first to provide download inventory (ESD products) to such prominent companies as and Ingram Micro.

“Working with all of Buyonet’s partners gave me an excellent opportunity to learn everything about successful software e-commerce as well as seeing plenty of examples of the mistakes you should avoid making”.

In the fall of 2001 Peter left Buyonet and co-founded SoftwareCasa. Today SoftwareCasa serve clients in over 120 countries.