Category: Software Marketing

Software Bundle Tactics

Learn about bundled software from Linkury software marketing experts. No doubt you know what bundled software is all about; you may have even purchased a package of different software on a whim one day due to the credibility of...

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Competition, a bad thing?

I spent about 5 years at university learning the ins and outs of marketing, psychology and media. One thing that I was taught was that competition is a good thing. It improves the end user experience and forces manufacturers to continuously improve upon themselves and their products.I have pretty much agreed up until recently.

Not so any longer…

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Should You Offer Free Trials

Today we have another post by Andy Brice. In this article Andy talks about different ways you can set up your trial/demo. The main types of trials are Time-limited, Number of times you can use it, functionality limited and...

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Anti Social Marketing

I admit, lately I have been quite frustrated with the whole social marketing scene. I have tried a lot of different things. I have been on twitter, facebook, youtube and other video sharing sites, social bookmarking, and much...

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