I admit, lately I have been quite frustrated with the whole social marketing scene.

I have tried a lot of different things. I have been on twitter, facebook, youtube and other video sharing sites, social bookmarking, and much more trying to build social contact with a business purpose.

The outcome can only be described as mixed but mostly poor result.

I love the social aspect of it. It’s fun to get to know new people with shared interests, but when doing it for business purposes you have to see some results. That’s why it’s so important to do it right.

I just watched a video by Don Crowter. He claims most people (like me) are doing social media all wrong. Their systems make them lots of friends, but little money. In this video Don shows you the deceptively simple, but highly effective secrets that will hopefully put you and me on the right track with social marketing.

Watch the “Social Media Doesn’t Work” video here

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Software Marketing Secrets Guide

PS. Check out the downloadable PDFs to get a bearing on how you are doing with your Social marketing. Hint

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