digital marketing masteryWhen it comes to B2B marketing, a widening gap between masters of digital marketing and individuals still suffering from a disjointed experience is still obvious, a new survey reveals.

The latest survey conducted by the Stein IAS and Oracle Marketing Cloud analyzed data by comparing 300 middle-sized brands worldwide and found that a mere seven (7) percent mastered B2B marketing.

The study measured the respondents’ level of mastery and discovered a whopping 89 percent that still follows an ineffective digital marketing strategy to harness the benefits offered by the marketing cloud.

The results revealed a segmentation used in a majority of marketing techniques.  While various efforts  are done in order to create excellent content, along with timely distribution, most IT departments still fail at staying in tune with automated marketing campaigns.

Of the respondents, only six percent are considered master modern marketers, while the remaining majority is still in their developmental stages in terms of digital marketing maturity and mastery, even if there are now sophisticated tools.

Three Important Terms

  • Digital master, someone who is a customer-centric and early adopter of marketing practices and technologies
  • Second type of marketer is the digital pragmatist that has learned of mature tech channels and techniques
  • Third type is the digital explorer, a slow adopter of digital techniques and tools

Marketing Technologies Requiring Mastery Even of Basic Knowledge

  • CRM software
  • Content apps
  • Use of brands website
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics
  • Data platforms

These are the components of a power toolkit for a great ‘connected experience.’ Top findings reveal that only six percent of the surveyed respondents could claim mastery of digital marketing, while the rest is categorized pragmatics based on the report, especially in the United States with 80 per cent of the respondents claiming mastery of the reach and attract development stage in the digital marketing world.

But because of a disconnected customer journey and content challenges, the nurture and convert, and engage and inspire categories are poorly performing. And even if all the respondents surveyed do well in terms of assessment of their technologies and people, lead nurturing and web optimization are still main areas needing attention and improvement.