Software Monetization TipsIf you’re marketing software on blogs, make sure that they have good security, not only that you will be able to gain trust among your customers, but you will also be able to protect them, too. WordPress alone is a very secure platform, but of course, it won’t hurt to add more security on it, as no one would like to take chances on matters of security.

To ensure you get the best of WordPress and your business, make sure to install the All in One WordPress Security plugin a tool to help you take security to the next level.

How Can All in One WordPress Security Help?

Using it, you will be able to learn of your site’s vulnerabilities, as it implements and enforces the latest practices and techniques by WP itself.  Not only that it is up to date with the current practices in the blogging and marketing platform of WordPress, it also uses security points in grading your site and in measuring how well it is protected based on the features of security you are using.

Best part is that it does not slow down your website, and it’s 100% free. Below are some features you can make use of when you installed this security plugin.

  • User accounts security helps you see if you have identical and display names for user accounts
  • Login security protects your site from forced attacks with its lockdown feature; in fact, it automatically detects a certain IP address or several IP addresses and locks them out your system for a preselected time based on your configuration settings. For notifications, you can select being notified through your email when someone is being locked out because of too many false login attempts
  • Has an access control facility
  • Strong Firewall Functionality
  • Backs up your original .htaccess and wp-config.php files
  • User registration security allows you of manual approval of user accounts
  • File system security helps you identify folders/files which aren’t secured and then set the permissions for them to the secure values recommended
  • Database security lets you default the WP prefix to a chosen value
  • Available in translations, including German, English and Spanish, to name some

Install the free All in One WordPress Security for WordPress and experience software marketing security like never before.